Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many ways you can be involved such as translation or using the materials to train others. The first step is to contact us by email. You will find a Contact From within this website, please use it to communicate with us. We would be blessed to hear from you and to help you determine what part of the project interests you most.

Only after you obtain a User License you may use the T&M material. You must respect the copyrights held solely by PWR/OMS and apply for a license to use T&M. You will then receive a full set to use within the boundaries of your own ministry.

You can use and distribute T&M widely through an unbroken chain of accountability within your own ministry. The agreements explain this and a document called “Boundaries of the User” will clarify your use. You may not sell or distribute T&M outside of your agreement or your ministry. New Users need to apply for a license. You may not translate to other languages as a User. You need an agreement to translate.

Old contracts were assigned to PWR by SEAN, therefore the contract holders are accountable to PWR. These old agreements will be honored by PWR assuming all the conditions were met. PWR will do everything possible to help and work with past contract holders who are not expected to pay an entire new fee. PWR is willing to upgrade old contracts into our current agreement; this will also entitle you to obtain the latest materials which meet the standards for ongoing use.

The only way you can translate T&M is with the permission of PWR and when you have a Translation Agreement in effect. We are very open and willing to work with translators. This is our goal!

You may not use your translation in any way. You must work with our T&M production team and follow the basic methods and procedures already developed which the team is happy to train you on. We do not allow booklets to be made in the field. You simply supply to us the translated text in our easy formats and we create the booklets centrally, putting the text through a fine tuned process and working with you for proof reading and testing. This way, all T&M sets are held centrally and Users receive the finished product in non-editable form. This is done to retain the integrity and consistency of the materials. We save you much time, stress, effort and money doing this service which is our goal. We believe your time is extremely valuable so we try to help you in all ways possible. Holding the materials as the central source allows continuity beyond any individual or group in the field. It retains the integrity of the materials and it makes the materials available to all who request them.

We only allow translation work to be done through us. So often we have heard stories of people translating T&M who do not have connections with other mission workers in desperate need of that same translation. This difficulty has been overcome by centralizing the project.

If you have done a translation and not known about us, we understand and want to welcome you to the T&M team. We want to honor your effort and passion which we respect very much. Let’s work together to transform the translation work you have done into a world wide distributable format.
We will do all we possibly can to help and expedite this. Think of the power to forge ahead when everyone is networking together! We could combine all of our experience and resources with yours. Other mission groups would benefit from your past labors and experience!

Only PWR is able to give permission to use T&M in any format. That is where the management, copyrights and authority on contracts old and new rest. PWR has also registered the words T&M and Train and Multiply in all forms and they may not be used without our written permission. The only way for you to progress is to communicate with PWR for all arrangements. We are anxious to move ahead, develop relationships and work with you. You will always find us excited to hear from you.

For Use, Materials, Agreements, Translation and all things pertaining to T&M you must contact PWR. Our contact information is on the website and listed below for your convenience.

There are people offering introductory workshops and explaining T&M.
Who are they and what arrangements can they make

These people are servants of God who, at great sacrifice, go to train and teach about T&M because they themselves have found the materials extremely useful and long to help others to have the same opportunity. The persons doing the training are not able to offer you agreements or give permissions. Only PWR can do this. After training sessions or workshops have taken place, we look forward to hearing from people enquiring about the T&M material. Our goal is to serve and help the body of Christ.

If you wish to contact us with any questions about the User Agreement, please send us an email to or send your message using the online Contact form.