T&M Website Privacy Policy


for your peace of mind

The web site of Train and Multiply is a safe web site that does not solicit personal information about visitors to the site. However, if you are concerned about your privacy on the internet then you are encouraged to read the following and determine for yourself whether your privacy is at risk. Specifically:

The web site does not use or contain its own cookies or third-party cookies of any sort.

Our web server does not attempt to obtain any personal information from your computer.

Certain information is recorded automatically by our web server when any visitor browses the site. This information is principally technical information such as the IP address of your connection, the name of the page or file requested, the date and time of the request and how the request was dealt with. The information that is recorded does not identify you personally unless your own computer or internet service provider sends personal identifying information as part of the request to our web server.
Our computer keeps a record of every request that is sent to it and therefore if your computer or internet service provider sends personal information as part of the page request then that information will be stored by our web server. You should be aware that some internet service providers send your name or your company name or your “user name” as part of each page request. If this concerns you then you should contact your own internet service provider and, if necessary, change to a different provider.

If you use a fixed IP address connection to access the internet then you should be aware that this allows your browsing habits to be monitored quite easily by governments, telecoms companies, internet organizations and some unscrupulous persons. Your internet activity can also be monitored even if you do not use a fixed IP address connection but a changing IP address does make monitoring slightly more difficult.

Some of the pages on this site cannot be accessed without a user name and password. The username that we give to you will be recorded in our log files whenever you enter it in order to access those restricted pages. However the user name will be one of a pool of names that we give out in sequence and consequently it will not identify you personally and, by itself, could not be used to prove conclusively that you or any other specific or particular person accessed this site.

The information gathered by our web server is recorded in log files. These are studied from time to time to see if any problems have occurred and to allow us to manage the web site properly.

Please note that if you contact us by email or by telephone or by any other means then any information that you send us about yourself will possibly be retained in order to provide you with information, services or products that you require and for our other administrative purposes.