How Train & Multiply was created:

The Train and Multiply materials that you are looking at or have been shown are materials created in Chile by S.E.A.N (Study by Extension for All Nations). They were based on the concepts and work of George Patterson who, when departing the mission field, gave SEAN hundreds of small booklet style lessons he had used extremely successfully over the years. SEAN worked with a large team of people, including George Patterson, to completely transform these hundreds of booklets into a set of approximately 60 books and manuals. They edited, rewrote, added, deleted, formatted, styled, removed denominational tendencies and legalisms and much more. This team of people in Chile labored on the project over several years. They also applied all of their talent and experience gained in creating programmed learning into the T&M sets.

SEAN copyrighted this new work known as Train & Multiply which is now used around the world today. They were the owners of all copyrights and sole managers of the use and distribution of all T&M materials.

In 2000 SEAN entered a joint venture agreement with PWR (Project World Reach) currently based in Canada. PWR and its people saw the value of T&M and had a vision to see it expand and serve all nations in many languages. At that time, T&M had only existed in a few languages. In many cases, translations were lost or unavailable to people who very much wanted and needed the material with its Biblical model of church multiplication. Their dream and vision was to provide excellent stewardship of T&M in its translation and distribution. One key aspect of this was to have T&M materials held centrally with PWR so that they would be available world-wide! Integrity in the translation, networking for mentoring and training in the use of T&M expansion of translation efforts, and meeting many other needs are the basis of the vision.

This vision was shared with OMS (One Mission Society) as we entered into a joint venture agreement in 2012, merging our teams with ECC (Every Community for Christ) to manage, expand and enrich the resources of T&M services world-wide. In the Partnership with SEAN, in order to facilitate the goals mentioned above, the boards of both ministries decided to assign all rights copyrights, contracts (new and old), management, distribution, translation, and every other aspect of T&M to Project World Reach and is now shared with OMS.

Because of God’s wonderful grace, PWR and OMS have had great success in helping international ministries apply the T&M method of training, however, the need for the material is still growing and there is much more to do. To date, T&M has been translated into more than thirty eight languages, several new art sets that are culturally contextual have been created, and our production team continues to use advanced technology to format all translated text into published booklets with new and very efficient methods of booklet translation and creation. Distribution is now managed centrally via the internet, several mentors and trainers have been established around the world, and more.